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Expanding human vision with AI solutions!

Year 2021. We are facing more and more life and environment threatening situations (eg.: pandemics, environmental disasters, gas leaks, forest fires, traffic accidents..) – while today’s systems are still lacking efficient prevention and protection!
Human vision cannot be in place 24/7 to catch these events. Recognising them locally, fast or even proactively using our visual senses is crucial for preventing and reducing damage right at the beginning.

Today’s world offers many possibilities of cameras capturing live videos or pictures everywhere around the globe. Local processing power and AI are evolving as the technology advances. Reacting immediately brings big potential to save lives and protect our environment.

Take up this challenge to create a safer world! Think of possible use cases to prototype while utilizing these features. Good hacking!

#GreenTech #environment #protection #sustainability #AI #TechForGood #GreenInnovation #safety
[Provided by: SIEMENS]
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Join our mission to hack the ZOLLHOF Office!

Challenging times of social distancing dramatically reshaped our understanding of the value and functionality modern offices ought to provide. Our brand-new homebase ZOLLHOF 7 offers us now the unique opportunity to design the office of the future with a tech-savvy crowd from scratch - be part of it!
Invent a state of the art safespace on 3500m² including team & startup co-working areas, an open cafeteria and a high tech event space! To successfully hack this challenge, you will be granted access to relevant maps, office management systems and all tech devices under our roof. Countless smart solutions are waiting for you to be explored - think big: limits are only set by your imagination!

Inspiration needed? You will get the opportunity to come and visit our home.

Take up the unique opportunity to create THE tech office of the future! Keep on hacking!

#OfficeOfTheFuture #coworking #safespace #community #sustainable #efficient #digital #tech
[Provided by: ZOLLHOF]

Give a voice to the AI language assistant of the future!

We all need corporate assistance now and then. It can be about asking for advice, troubleshooting or other kind of assistance. But what are the characteristics and features of the perfect channel? Which touchpoints are desired, which are useful and beneficial from a customer-centric view - and which are not?

Take up this challenge and figure out how Conversional Assistants based on Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) can be taken to the next level - with focus on benefits for customers (callers)! You will get access to evaluated prototyping-tools as well as experiences, data and experts of a startup in the field of customer support with more than 60k successful calls.

#voiceassistant #ai #usercentered #customersupport #chatbot #serviceofthefuture #deeplearning #startup #innovationchallenge
[Provided by: VITAS]

Join the game of paper records: spice up online receipts!

If you think about doing your tax refund or saving receipts for guarantee reasons, you might not be overwhelmed by a wave of motivation. Transferring physical paperwork into the digital sphere adds security to the process, however, it’s certainly not the embodiment of fun! Hence, we aim at making scanning receipts sexy!
Ready to join us on the mission of motivating users to digitize receipts by integrating gamification to the process?

A must-have are functions to scan and store receipts as well as to share them with others and get statistics - everything else is up to you!

#smartdocumentation #onlinereceipts #billless #digitalization #sustainability #gamification #savepaper
[Provided by: bill.less]


Overall Best

1.500€ in Cash

Best Technical Implementation

1.000€ in Cash

Best Use Case

1.000€ in Cash


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This technology brings your idea a big step closer to solve the challenge! If you want to, you can borrow some hardware for HACK|BAY. Just drop us an email briefly describing your idea at
Please note that only a limited number of devices is available. First come, first served!

It's not quite the technology you need? No problem. Feel free to contact us anyway ( and let us know what help you would need to implement your idea! We may still have the right device for you.


Image of Ana Oliveira

Ana Oliveira

Head of AI @ Konfuzio

Ana is a data scientist with a background in computer vision. Currently, she combines this knowledge with NLP to create solutions that help the automation of processes and in the enrichment of the information that is extracted.

Image of Zaid Zaim

Zaid Zaim

Mixed Reality Expert / Intern @ QUIBIQ Hamburg

In 2017 he joined ReDi School, an NGO that supports refugees to get quality tech skills.
Supported by volunteers from Microsoft, in 2019 Zaid started a Mixed Reality project for cultural heritage preservation with modern HoloLens technology.

Image of Yevgen Papernyk

Yevgen Papernyk

Software Developer @ competence data

Yevgen is working as a professional Python developer. His main task is developing web-crawling applications. In addition he uses ML techniques to extract further meaning from the data.


+ - Tuesday, 18.05.2021

09:00 - 10:00 | Welcome incl. Keynote "Automatic Summarization with Deep Learning" by Ana Oliveira

10:00 - 10:30 | Challenge Pitches

10:30 - 12:00 | Ideation & Team Up

12:00         | Start hacking!

13:30 - 14:15 | Workshop "Hardware for HACK|BAY explained" (Speakers from Arrow, ON Semiconductor and Vicotee give an Overview on how to use the boards that are provided by Arrow)
18:00 - 20:00 | Meetups (Python Usergroup & GDG Nuremberg) & "Ask me anything" sessions with VITAS & bill.less

+ - Wednesday, 19.05.2021

12:00 - 14:30 | Pitch Feedback (optional)

16:00 - 17:30 | Semi Finals

17:30 - 18:00 | Evaluation of Semi Finals

18:00         | Announcement of Finalists

18:30 - 20:00 | Grand Finale incl. Keynote "Mixed Reality for Cultural Heritage" by Zaid Zaim & Team Pitches
20:00 - 20:30 |         Jury Session / Keynote "Web-Crawling: Get free data from the web" by Yevgen Papernyk

20:30 - 21:00 | Announcement of Winning Teams

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What is a hackathon?

A very tech-focused coding event where coders, designers and business guys, within a certain time, work on challenges to create innovative solutions. At the end of the event the ideas, and ideally the protoypes will be pitched and judged by a jury.

What is special about an online hackathon?

The hackathon takes place completely online. We provide all appropriate tools so that you can stay in touch with your team, other attendees and mentors, even if you are not in the same place.

Who can participate in the hackathon? Are there any prerequisites or required skills?

Everyone, who's interested in tech and innovative topics, is very welcome! No tech or business background needed - just a good amount of energy and willingness to learn and innovate. Also no experience in hackathons is needed (beginners are welcome!).

I've never done a hackathon before. What should I expect?

You will learn a lot while working in ambitious teams. It's fun - come hack with us!

Who gets the intellectual property rights to the work created by the teams?

The work (codes, data, documents, etc.) created by the teams during the hackathon will be of their own property. However, ideas presented to the public are freely accessible and usable.

How to apply?

You have to register and get a ticket via Eventbrite. After you’ve signed up you will get a link by mail. That link you have to use to attend the event.

What do I need?

In addition to an internet connection you should have a computer and other tools you need (e.g. camera, microfone, charger, mouse, USB drive, adapters).

Can I can take part alone or do I need a team?

You don't need a team in advance! You will be part of a team but most teams will form at the beginning of the hackathon.

In which language will the event be held?

The main language of the event is English which means all talks will be held in English. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to participate in the hackathon even if your English is not 100% fluent.

Anything else?

You will be tired, but very satisfied at the end. And you will get to know many interesting people ;-)

Code of Conduct

Prototypes should be developed during the hackathon. Coming with pre-made solutions is not the point of a hackathon ;)

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